Tom Wakeling - Director
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Canon - Alina Rudya

15" socials for Apple Music on EE (Dir. cuts).

Director - Tom Wakeling
Producer - Sally Mulligan
Director of Photography - Nick Morris
1st Assistant Director - Hamish Storey
Art Director - Kate Laverty
Wardrobe - Celestine Healy
Editor - Tupaq Felber
Colourist - Toby Tomkins
Sound Design - George Turner
Agency - Poke

Canon - Alina rudya

Part of a series of branded content films for Canon Europe. Exploring the lives of talented Instagramers and their perspective on urban exploring.

Director - Tom Wakeling
Producer - Richard Guy

Director of Photography - Rina Yang

Editor - Joan Solsona

Colourist - Joseph Bicknell

Sound Design - Marcin Pawlik

Prod. Company - Tangerine Films

Music - Jupi/ter

Alina Rudya -

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